Title: Leafwing
Russell Jaqua
June 2006
Larry Scott Trail
Media: Forged Steel
16' tall x 9' wide

Commissioned by a long-time supporter of the Jefferson Land Trust and the Quimper Wildlife Corridor Project as a dying wish, Leafwing honors the serenity of art and nature. Russell Jaqua found his inspiration for the piece after viewing birds taking flight from the Wildlife Corridor. He also incorporates the organic forest and foliage that provides habitat for wildlife and a background for nature.

Lucy Congdon Hanson expresses how "Leafwing is both bold and surprisingly delicate, botanical and industrial. The suggested infinity symbol reminds us of nature's returning cycles, her ebb and flow." Jefferson Land Trust was initially given the artwork but later transferred ownership to the City of Port Townsend. A week after the installation of Leafwing, Russel Jaqua passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

At the dedication Jaqua shared his thoughts on Leafwing:

"As a woman contemplated her life’s end, one of her final wishes was that a sculpture be created to define, perhaps even to intensify, a beautiful place on the Quimper Peninsula, which she loved. Imagine what it is like to learn that this person, who I never met as far as I know, wanted me to create a thing of beauty. Leafwing is very important to me on several levels. First, the intent of the bequest, such a pure, unconditional, generous confidence in beauty’s power to nourish our community…well, this is what I devoted my life to. I have never more wanted to fulfill a commission’s purpose and I so hope that she is pleased… Finally, there is for me a strange harmony between the donor’s act and my own. It was her parting gift to us and now it is my parting gift to you as well."